Outlined below are our charges. We are clear and detailed about our charges but get in touch if you have any questions. These are our charging options:

Fixed Fee

Anthony Paul Legal's Employment Lawyers offer a range of options to pay for and to progress your employment claim. We offer a service whereby we can often provide initial legal advice and beyond on a fixed fee basis.

Hourly Rate

Anthony Paul legal, like many other law firms, can help you with your employment claim on the usual hourly rate basis. Our Employment Lawyers charge a range of hourly rates depending on their experience. Time is carefully recorded by our lawyers to ensure that you only pay for the time spent on your matter.

Legal Expense Insurance

Anthony Paul Legal also work with many legal expense insurers who will fund at least some of your fees if you are covered by an insurance policy that contains legal cover. These policies will often provide you with funding for employment claims (up to certain limits) that have reasonable prospects of success where you have exhausted your employer’s internal processes.

No Win No Fee Agreements

If you do not have access to a legal expenses insurance, then once an Employment Lawyer has assessed your claim, we may be able to offer you a form of No Win No Fee agreement, meaning that you either don’t pay, or you pay a limited amount, if you don’t settle or win your claim.

In some employment cases, we can also offer an agreement where Anthony Paul Legal takes a percentage of any increase in compensation we secure for you where an offer is already on the table from your employer.

Anthony Paul Legal can often combine the agreements referred to above to suit your particular claim, your needs and your budget.
Settlement Agreement

Your employer will usually pay a fixed sum contribution, which should cover all of the legal costs incurred but this depends on the complexity of any case and whether negotiations have been undertaken requiring revisions to any final agreement.

Legal Aid

We have no legal aid franchise.

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